November 7, 2010 5:22 pm

Resident Evil Extinction

Resident Evil Extinction

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Writers: Paul W.S. Anderson
Release Year: 2007
Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Years after the Raccoon City Zombie invasion, Alice is traveling on her own as she’s a liability and could jeopardize those around her. Alice is trying bring down the Umbrella Corporation which is led by the evil Albert Wesker and head researcher Dr. Isaacs. In the meantime, a group of survivors made up of Carlos Olivera, L.J., and new survivors K-Mart, Claire Redfield, and Nurse Betty are traveling through the Nevada Desert and the remains of Las Vegas. They must fight to survive extermination against hordes of zombies, killer crows and the most horrifying creatures.

Albert’s Review: “Another Great Resident Evil Sequel with a new breed of Zombies worth watching.”
Rating: (7/10)

Nadia’s Review: “In the category of zombie movies, this is top shelf.”
Rating: (6.5/10)