July 17, 2011 5:18 pm
Tell Tale

Tell Tale

Tell-Tale is a short film, based on the original short story A Tell Tale Heart by the wonderful Edgar Allan Poe. Our goal with Tell-Tale is to create the definitive cinematic version of A Tell Tale Heart.The film adaptation takes Poe’s Gothic classic, set in contemporary 1850s Baltimore, Maryland, and brings it to the realm our own contemporary time, turn of the twenty-first century.

The film will have a very strong visual aesthetic in the vein of German expressionist work (Nosferatu, Cab. of Dr. Calagari), which influenced horror and noir as we know it today. This style of visuals will marry with Poe’s focus on the dark fringes of human experience in a strong cinematic way.

The film is not simply an exercise in translating a story to another medium but a chance to show that Poe’s potent narrative about monomania still has relevance in our society. The unique and engaging approach to narrative and point of view in the short story provides us, as filmmakers, with many interesting possibilities for a creative, expressive cinematic aesthetic.

The short story itself leaves a good amount of room for a very calculated and immersive sound design experience as well. The narrator’s “sense of hearing is acute” above all. And of course the famous heart-beneath-the-floorboards scene in the story demands outstanding sound design.

We expect the final short to run between 15-25 minutes, and will be shot digitally with Canon SLRs. We have used this digital work-flow on past projects with great success and flexibility.



Who Are We?

Andyfilm is a Portland-based production house focusing on independent film projects. We have established a foothold in the guerrilla filmmaking world by utilizing our d-SLR production model to save on overhead. Our main contacts include director/producer A.Z. Chandler, composer/producer Andrew Thomas, and producer/cinematographer Joesph Webb.

Movie Website: www.telltalefilm.com