December 9, 2012 2:03 pm
Dead  Shadows

Dead Shadows

Sitting alone in the couch, clock struck twelve and Oops! You are getting Goosebumps, why? Well, you must be watching a scary movie, with those toasted popcorns, if you are a scary movie lover, then check out the most groovy horror movie of 2012, Dead Shadows.

It narrates the terror-stricken story of a young man named Chris, whose parents were brutally killed, on the day when comet Haley was seen on the Earth. Again, the comet is going to appear and Chris and his building mates are planning for an apocalypse party.

As the night starts, Chris is startled as people starts behaving odd and that seems connected to the arrival of the comet. People are turning violent and they start mutating themselves. Chris tries to escape the building with the help of a tenant, but where they able to survive at the end?

This French sci-fi is no doubt great, and the role played by John Fallon was simple rocking, in short. If you want some true bizarre and impressive horror visuals, then this movie is a must watch.

It is strongly influenced by John carpenter’s classic The Thing, and the most notable thing about this horror movie is its music score. The credit goes to the sound editor Alan Howarth and Kevin Riepl. To your surprise, you will like the Aggression scale the most.

The Thing has not only influenced the music of the movie, but even the creepy looking creatures have and weird atmosphere all has some resemblance with it.

If you want something, different then this is the perfect toast for scary movie lovers, the atmosphere, which persists, is the one of those impending doom. From the very beginning of the movie, you will start feeling the eerie vibes and all the hell is going to come down crashing on you. What is the ending? Naah! – Not going to tell now, just watch it.

Nothing to say on the performances, as John Fallon is too perfect, and though it is a foreign film and he was unaware of the language, but he has given his best. Fallon’s role is the  most captivating, he plays with gun, sword and relishes his acting in the movie every second.

Wolfrom Fabian, is the main Protagonist Chris has become hugely famous in France. With a rock solid direction and that too the modest budget film has climbed up the box office chart without any flaws.

The movie Dead Shadows is a little short, and you might feel to see a lot more action from Fallon, but the budget cuts that short and you can enjoy only one hour and eleven minutes of weird life and creepy atmosphere.

If you like, alien invasions, mutants, cool monsters and awesome violence then, don’t wait check out the gun-taunting badass in Dead Shadows and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

And above all, it is the ultimate date movie, and you are going to enjoy the scream, fear and big hugs of your girlfriend. Packed with violence and gore and Goosebumps at every second, is a must watch in this year.

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