August 31, 2013 12:27 pm

Director: Jason Christopher
Writer: Jason Christopher (Screenplay)
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Horror | Thriller

Hunter Isth is shocked by his daughter’s sudden death that happened in front of his own eyes, while she was playing on the road and was hit by a car. He fees town and is no longer seen. Legend says that all those that all those that go over those same woods where Hunter Isth used to live, never make it out.

Jenn who is a young teenager that just comes out from the hospital. Her parents push her to go out and have fun with friends instead of staying indoors. When she finally decides to do so, she and her friends go in those same woods. Will they make it out alive?

Nadia Vella‚Äôs Review: “Interesting film. I expected this film to be more original since the story is not that much intriguing. Still this movie is worth watching since at the end of the film, we have a surprising ‘twist’ that makes you curios about what happened then?”

Rating: (5/10)