April 15, 2015 11:06 am

Ouija Board Kids
Ouija boards can accidentally and deliberately summon demons and spirits and this Ouija Board for kids can be one of them! What do you think about this pink Ouija Board? Would you give it to your kids?

Even though Hasbro has been selling a brown and black Ouija board for decades.  The Ouija board shown on this page is clearly made for a child, certainly no one past their young teen years.  So either Hasbro is pedaling religion to children or it’s turning divination beliefs into a sort of a joke.

Below are some of the comments from customers that bought this ouija from Amazon!

“The reality is that this “game” is a tool. And just like any tool, it can be used for good or evil. …. unfortunately, this particular tool is NOT designed for use for good. There are very specific ways to do this (speak to the dead) the “right” way. God has that very clearly under control and perfectly managed.

For evil, on the other hand.. that playing field is wiiiiide open! And this “game” is just a little part of that wide-open, evil playing field.

Yes, sounds like a grand idea to encourage little children to open their hearts and souls to the Evil one. Excellent! Better yet, let’s aim it at little girls.. who could possibly grow up to be women, the guardians of the home and the nurturers of the next generation. Let’s destroy them before they even get there, right? Let’s plant seeds of confusion and fear. Let’s teach them that there is no right/wrong.. rather, that “whatever” works, because that’s a damn good idea.

No! Don’t teach little girls to garden or cook or read or explore or discover or build or teach or lead or solve their own problems. Yes, let’s teach them to rely on sources of unknown integrity to answer their questions. That’s just brilliant.

Yes, that is sarcasm. It infuriates me that toy manufacturers thing this idea is a “game”.. that they’d market it to children.. and specifically target girls. It is irresponsible and completely unconscionable!!”

Children Ouija Board

“Ouija BOX (front):

The box to this Ouija board is all pink and says the following:

“Ask the questions Girls want to know. With carrying case! Now with Question Cards 72 fun things to ask! Only at Toys-R-Us. Parker Brothers, Ages 8 +”

The box has a cut-out that makes the carrying case visible from the front.

Ouija BOX (back):

The back of the box is purple and pink and says the following:
“Girls have questions…Ouija has answers! It has always been mysterious. It has always been mystifying. And now Ouija Board is just for you, girl! With 72 fun questions included, you’ll never run out of things to ask… Who will call/text me next? Will I be a famous actor someday? Who wishes they could change places with me?”

“Gather your friends around, draw a card, place your fingers on the planchette, and ask you question. Concentrate very hard…and watch as the answer is revealed in the message window.”

“Or make up your own questions! Ouija Board will answer. It’s just a game— or is it?”

Contents: Ouija Board, message indicator (planchette), Crad deck with 72 Questions, Carrying Case with storage pockets, Instructions.”

“Includes cool carrying case! Take it to parties, sleepovers, and more!”
The box shows exactly what the box contains in pictures right on the back!


The carrying case is pink and is made out of vinyl and plastic. It has the sun and the moon in the top corners. The bottom corners have a graphic of a girl with purple hair and puckered lips as if ready to give you a kiss. It has a very large graphic of the Ouija Mystifying Oracle and a large graphic of the hot pink Planchette. The back has a very large graphic of the Ouija Mystifying Oracle and pretty graphics of flowers in each corner.

It feels fairly durable for something that is mostly plastic. The case has two shoulder straps that are a thick plastic and it looks cheap. There are zippers on both sides of the carrying case and zips and unzips fairly easy. On the inside of the case it has a compartment for the Ouija board, Planchette, and Question cards.. Everything fits snugly inside this case.

Ouija BOARD:

The Ouija board is very nice and is pink with purple letters. The “sun” and “moon” symbols are in yellow and baby blue. The layout of the board is exactly like the boards from the past. This board is very durable and is made out of the usual “Masonite” and is not cheap cardboard. The back has flowers surrounding the OUIJA Mystifying Oracle brand name. Very girly and nice looking board!


The Ouija Planchette is in hot pink and has a different shape than the usual planchettes that come with standard Ouija Boards..it reminds me of Valentines day candy hearts. The window is plastic with a tiny pointer that sticks out under the window. It feels cheap but is perhaps more durrable than the classic planchettes included in standard Ouija games. It has rounded corners and has the Ouija Mystifying Oracle graphic printed on the top.


There are 72 Questions on 36 cards. They each have the Ouija Mystifying Oracle graphic on the backs. The fronts are decorated in pink flowers on a white background. The questions range from silly, to serious and some actually “test the Ouija Board” Questions include but are not limited to the following:

“Will (name someone) be my best friend when I grow up?”, “Ouija Board, are you real?”, “What cartoon character do I resemble?”, “Which animal best matches my personality?”, “What is my worst habit?” “Will I climb MT. Everest someday?” “Who wishes I would sit with them at lunch?” “Will I ever be on reality TV?” “What is my best physical feature?” ” Who will ask me to go out with them next?”, “At what age will I get married?”, “Will I be president someday?”, “Who has a crush on me?”, “How many children will I have when I grow up?”,

“Will I ever skydive?”, “If the Ouija Board could rename me what would my name be?”, “If I have to choose will I choose love or money?”, “Does (name someone) want to go out with me?”, “If I have to choose, will I have a career or stay home with my kids?” “Am I a good dancer?”, “Will I ever volunteer for the Peace Corps?”, “Where can I find burred treasure?”, “Test the Ouija board.. What time is it now?”,

and my personal favorite….

“Will I be a famous writer someday?”


This version of the Ouija Board has the most in depth instructions I have ever seen included in a Ouija Board game. It is a single sheet of paper that folds in half vertically. The instructions state the following:

“Ages 8+/ for two or more players.”

“The Ouija Board (pronounced WEE-JA) has always been mysterious and mystifying. Ask it a question and it will respond by spelling out your answer in the window of the message indicator (Planchette). And now included—Question cards! Ask the Ouija Board what girls want to know!”

SET-UP: 1) Before using the Ouija Board, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove dust and moisture. 2) Sit opposite another player or gather around the board if more than two are playing. 3) Set the Ouija Board on the players laps or on a small table between and within reach of the players. 4)Additional players are encouraged to look on and take note of the Ouija board’s responses. 5) Set the planchette in the center of the Ouija Board. Place the cards face down near the board. 6) Place your fingers lightly on the planchette. Or, you and another player place the fingers of both hands very lightly on either side of the planchette. 7) Now concentrate.”

ASKING QUESTIONS USING THE CARDS: Players take turns drawing cards and choosing a question to ask. Ask only one question at a time. Ask your question slowly and clearly. Allow the planchette to “float” across the board to reveal in the window either yes, no, a number, or letters of the alphabet. It may help to start by choosing yes or no questions.

Once the Ouija board is “warmed up” you can ask more complicated questions, and wait to see what the planchette answers. If your question has a blank, the Ouija board will spell out the answer for you. Some questions “test” the Ouija board to see if it can correctly answer your question. If nothing happens, try asking another question. Allow one to five minutes for an answer to come.”

ASKING YOUR OWN QUESTIONS: Be creative. Ask the Ouija board anything you want! Just remember to have fun. After all, it’s just a game…or is it?”

“STORAGE: When finished, store the Ouija board in the handy carry case, and store the planchette and card deck inside the inner pockets of the case.”


In 2008 Parker Brothers and Hasbro Toys merged together to make a Ouija Board just for girls. This was an experiment between the two companies to see what marketing techniques they could employ to increase the sales of an already dwindling toy, the Ouija Board game. Despite their efforts to do away with spooky propaganda and to introduce more kid friendly play, the Ouija Board pink came under fire from religious groups and parents alike.

The controversy stemmed form the belief that makers of Ouija Board pink were exploiting little girls to get interested in the occult and there was quite an upset concerning some of the questions included on the cards. The concern from many were the questions themselves..many had an adult themed element and this upset many parents. Shortly after Hasbro bought the rights to the Ouija Game from Parker Brothers and quickly decided to pull the plug on Ouija Board pink.

Only a couple hundred were ever produced and Ouija Board pink would go down in history as the worst concept ever devised by a toy company.


Oh where do I begin? First of all I love this version of Ouija Board not only are the ideas clearly thought out but the product itself is very high quality. The carrying case and planchette have some quality issues certainly but the issues are very small and ultimately minute. I attempted to play the game with my family and had boys and girls ranging from the age of 9 and 14 join in. The boys were a little apprehensive at first because of all the pink but soon wanted to get involved with the rest of us. The girls seemed to have the most fun with the carrying case and used it to put their dolls and what have you inside of it.

We did try to use the Ouija Board to contact “spirits” but this didn’t last long as both the boys and the girls quickly lost interest. We probably had the most fun using the question cards and took turns answering the questions. We tried to re-invent the game by having the kids guess what answers their playmates might answer…but in the end this had a life-span of about 30 minutes.

Personally I think this Ouija board is one of the most innovative and creative design concepts attempted yet by Hasbro or other companies who owned the rights to Ouija Board in the past. I did not find anything that I would call “inappropriate” for young girls or boys alike. This edition is very rare and has a hefty price tag that only a collector like me would be willing to pay. All in all I love my Ouija Board Pink and wish that Hasbro will continue to explore other concepts like this in the future!”