June 5, 2015 2:23 pm

Human Skin

Everyone does it. Everyone passes the time daydreaming about what they would buy if they had all the money in the world. What your house would look like, how you would decorate it, what clothes you would buy.

When I’m thinking of that perfect furniture and those amazing shoes I don’t tend to think of the ‘Ed Gein’ look, but from this collection of bizarre items you are about to see you will be amazed!

Taking inspiration from the human taxidermist, these everyday household items being sold on the Slaughter FX website, have been given a ‘this looks like human skin’ vibe.

Some of these items are sold out so don’t be disappointed if that armchair that looks like ten people have been killed to make it isn’t available, just find something else you like!

Shoes $200

Human skin shoes

Lamp $350

Human Skin Lamp

Armchair $2,500

Human Skin Chair

Picture Frame $125

human skin frame

Spine Lamp $350

human skin spine lamp

Which item would you buy?