July 8, 2015 12:18 am

Charlie Sypnosis:

“Forward this on before 5 minutes gone
Or Charlie will come to your home
You will hear him not see him
He will teach you to fear him
And watch you when you’re alone.
But when it’s your time, 1 minute past 9, He’ll hide in the shadows and taunt you.
His smile will find you and fear will blind you and take you away to die.

…if you don’t forward this email to 15 people in the next 5 minutes Charlie will come for you at 9pm tomorrow night…..”

We receive these emails every day and ignore them, dismissing them as hoaxes, but what would happen if one turned out to be true?

After reading this E-Mail & ignoring it, Dan finds himself being taunted & played with by the evil smile that lurks in the shadows of his home. Quickly realising that Charlie is coming…

Watch Charlie horror short below:


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This post was written by Nadia Vella