August 3, 2015 12:00 am



Cangaço (Francisco Gaspar), a mistrustful clown with his face and hands covered in blood, is being held in the Police Station of a small town. Moreira (Paulo Vespúcio) is the investigator who caught him trying to leave the mansion near the woods, where a group of young people were found murdered.

The man applied petty thefts in the city, along with his partner 8-Ball (Fernando de Paula), and he is the sole suspect of the crime. Although the detective does what he can to arrest the clown, no solid proof comes into sight.

Five kids who decided to rent a house in the country were completely unaware of the horrors that awaited them. Their long weekend is filled with music, games and flirt. While man-eater Lena (Bia Gallo) tries her best to seduce the timid Théo (Leonardo Miggiorin), womanizer Beto (Rafael Raposo) annoys the girls with his cheesy pickup lines aiming to score.

In the deep forest, not far from the rented mansion, a small shed filled with wild boars is home of a sadistic family that feeds the animals with human flesh. Jonas (Beto Brito), a truculent and demented over-sized man, is the brutal killing hand of his equally insane sister (Marcela Moura).

As night falls, the mischievous clowns trespass the house and one of the youngsters go missing. What the kids run into while looking for their friend is nothing but ruthless violence and death.

In a mysterious plot where nothing is what it seems, Condado Macabro plays a tribute to the slasher movies of the 70’s and 80’s that we love, with all the gore and nonsense humor of its genre.