November 10, 2015 8:06 am

I have been followed by ghosts since a young child, I remember being five or six and seeing them everywhere. I had an evil spirit that was in my closet. He was around 9 foot tall, a shadow figure with no face but he would leave scratch marks on me.

ghost story

They were so deep they left scars. My parents thought I was cutting myself but I wasn’t. The evil, demonic spirit was hurting me and he would scare me every night.

I slept with my parents until I was ten every night. By then I didn’t see them by the naked eye. I carried a camera with me everywhere. I took 500-1000 photos a day and captured them in photos they moved things around, banged on walls, opened doors, and etc…

Every house I lived in they followed and I got tired of them haunting me so I bought a ghost hunting kit with a laser thermometer, an inferred thermometer, night vision camcorder, K2 Electromagnetic field meter, EVP recorder, motion detectors, motion detecting lights, Gauss master, and small night vision camcorders to set up everywhere to capture videos.

I spent a good $500 on the kit if not more. I have 10 Motion detectors, 20 night vision camcorders, 3 hand held night vision camcorders, 2 EVP recorders, 2 EFM detectors, 4 cameras and some other things! I have 5 people on my crew.

I decided to help other people with ghost problems. I have had a lot of investigations where I catch EVPS, videos, and pictures. I actually caught an EVP saying my name it said Amber get the F**K out B***H or Die. It scared the crap out of me.

I have never had something so mean said to me but I am going to continue to investigate and help people get these spirits out of their homes, and businesses. I have a ghost that haunts the downtown pub and it’s a good ghosts and the owner wants it there it helps run the place.

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