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Scientists have already proven these fact on a very small level; atoms, electrons, etc. Could the following video proof of this phenomena be the supernatural, beings from another world or possibly even time travelers from another era?

A motorcyclist with a helmet cam captures what appears to be some sort interdimensional entrance through a possible wormhole.

During a night hike through the woods one hiker catches a being on camera as it dematerializes possibly teleporting to another world or location

A passer-by’s powers are discovered by citizens on the street; when they give chase the original passer-by is witnessed to teleport and escape at a extremely fast rate of speed.

During a road trip, a man suddenly springs out of thin air almost being hit by a car on the expressway. Where did he come from? Could it have been time travel or teleportation through an inconveniently located wormhole?

In Russia, an old man on a bicycle also suddenly, yet calmly appears out of thin air like it’s an everyday occurrence. No big deal.

A couple experiencing strange phenomena in their home sleeps with a surveillance camera recording them. At least one of the couple evaporates from under her blankets, only to reappear approximately 10 minutes later (according to the time stamp in the bottom corner).

Finally, a couple of young men are enjoying a day at a swimming hole in the woods. During the filming, while taking a break, a being of some sort is seen moving past them at an incredible rate of speed. It’s moving so fast that If you blink you will miss it. Perhaps a time traveler of some sort?

Below are a few links to articles where scientists suggest that time travel and teleportation are possible, but that it just hasn’t been fully proven to work with humans yet. Perhaps what we are witnessing here are not humans at all, if they are human then perhaps their travels were the work of otherworldly or alien beings and technology.‚Äč


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