January 8, 2016 12:46 pm

Ghost Girl

After his daughter had a strange run-in with a ghostly apparition, Lord Mayor Naoise ó Muirí of Dublin believes his stately home, the Mansion House, to be haunted. The bizarre experience has made such an impression on the Irish politician that it’s got him talking to British press, and has turned Muiri from a skeptic into a believer overnight.

The incident in question happened recently, when his 4-year-old daughter woke in the middle of the night and claimed to have spotted a little girl with curly hair seated alone in their front sitting room. This was not the first paranormal encounter reported to have taken place inside Mansion House either, Muiri explained to The Sun this week. He told reporters of a room in the house which he described as “hard to heat”. He also told reporters he believed the house to be possessed.

“There is definitely stuff happening,” he told The Independent.

Muiri it seems is not the first owner, or even politician, to believe to have experienced unexplainable things inside the walls of Mansion House. Former Lord Mayor, Catherine Byrne spoke publicly about her own experiences in the house and about the strange sensations she often felt living in the house.

Muiri has had many offers in recent days from paranormal groups asking to come and do an investigation of the home and though he hasn’t agreed yet, here’s hoping that after a few more bumps in the night he has a change of heart.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella