January 25, 2016 1:42 pm


Shiv taal is situated at holy city mathura(U.P). Shiv taal is also known as “sotaal” the name used by villagers of this area. It was constructed by the king of Makrai(Faizabad) and after it was also reconstructed by Seth Patni Mal resident of Banaras.

There are a lot of rumors among the peoples about shiv taal. People are afraid of ghosts,spirits at this place. Some peoples complaint about appearance of ghosts(bhoot) at night. No one dare to go at late night hours. Some peoples reported that the water of this city is major cause of suicides in this taal. Some villagers noticed invisible forces slapping,hurting with the trespassers. People of this area belief that shiv taal is under control of ghosts(bhoot).