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We all have a unique vision of beauty, and in that our hearts see more than our eyes do. While beauty can take on many forms in nature, it is divine in it’s true essence. Beauty can be a graceful rose petal falling down to the ground silently, or it can be a fierce storm. To me, beauty is magical, inspiring and it’s spiritual. Beauty is the clear ether that is beyond what we see physically. Beauty is a living spirit.

Within this story, I hope to share with you some legends of beauty.
Although everyone has a different interpretation of the energy, it seems to be a pattern formed of purity and rarity. Isn’t it truly great when we can see the reflections of our hearts on the outside, almost like rainbows forming in the sky, refractions of light hitting at the right time? Beauty is something that evolves, and lives and dies within us. It is a mysterious wonder of the universe. It is eternal.


Eos is a titan goddess of the dawn in Greek mythologies. Her sister is Selene, goddess of the moon and her brother is Helios, God of the sun.

She is often depicted as a woman with rosy cheeks, wings and a diadem.

She symbolized a wealthy woman who was also beautiful with a shining light like the sunrise as her soul which sparks fire and life into those it touches.

She comes from the same line of Gods as the stars, winds and planets.

She is seemingly so beautiful that Aphrodite is jealous and curses Ares because of his consort with her.

The roman counterpart to Eos is Aurora.


In Japanese culture, the geisha is a symbol for grace and tradition. The geisha is an artist who specializes in creating a fantasy. She wears a white face and her hair is filled with jewelry to create a dreamy and sexual energy. Today, the modern geisha is said to be a part of the flower and willow world, or that of high culture and spirit.

Holy Gardens

One of the most powerful symbols of beauty is that of a garden. A garden is filled with a living essence that is separated into many fruits, flowers, perfumes and spiritual powers. Aromas are beautiful, energizing, delicate yet hardy, needs light to grow, and uplifts the soul, blossoms, and regenerates, bringing life and desire into the physical and spiritual realms.

There are enchanting gardens across the world. In a garden, we can find peace, relaxation, love, higher awakening and most importantly beauty.

It is a field of light energy that we are harvesting and it evolves into something holy and strangely immortal.


Muspelheim, in Norse mythology is a realm of fire. This is where fire giants live. There is nine different worlds in this story. This land is guarded fiercely by giants with swords. Sparks from this world became the sun, moon and stars.

Sea Mink

Today, we know two different varieties of the beautiful Mink. A variety of mink that has become extinct is called the sea mink. The sea mink is twice as big as these modern species. They lived around rocky coasts of New England, Nova Scotia, and Canada. The sea mink is truly so beautiful that it could not survive the obsessions of humans. It became extinct in the 19th century because of hunters.

As you are probably aware, Mink is most commonly hunted for its fur and sometimes used in false eyelashes and other beauty products. Beauty products generate a gigantic revenue each year. It has become a huge modern day issue of ethics because of the extinction of the sea mink and the injustice inflicted on this animal. With the friendly options that we know of, there is no need to wear such carnage. This animal has become a trophy for expensive fashions and is worn only by the foolish.

In some native cultures, the mink is referred to as a trickster, and in others as a lucky animal. If you have mink as a spirit guide, you are drawn to complex energies and philosophies. People with mink as spirit guide are good at telepathic connections and are incredibly intelligent.

They find wisdom from their pain. To see mink in your dream is a sign of fortune.

This fascinating spirit is captured in many forms to analyze. Yet, beauty is still complicated because it is filled with so much wonder, yet it is easy because it comes naturally to us.

Beauty is a light that glows forever no matter where it goes to. It is a flame in the night. The silver glowing moonlight cast onto darkness. It is the diamond in the earth. It is the ember of a larger fire…that is thrown down upon us, spreading like a dangerous revolution caused by the Gods.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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