February 3, 2016 8:45 am

Another season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY is in the history books, so I think it is fair to start thinking towards season six. Creator Ryan Murphy is notorious for keeping details on upcoming seasons under lock and key, although FX president John Landgraf did say the next season would be set in two different time periods. This isn’t much of a “tell” because every season has had various flashbacks and flashforwards. So I have come up with five ideas for where season six of AMERICAN HORROR STORY could go.

American Horror Story: Reality TV

Reality television is already something of a horrifying shit-storm. In this iteration of AHS, contestants believe they are going to be on aSurvivor-like reality show, only to discover that the “fake” challenges are real horrors created by producers. Rich patrons hunt the contestants; there are various beasts hiding in the undergrowth; and an indigenous tribe deep in the jungle turns out to be cannibals.

American Horror Story: Dizzy Land

Theme parks are the perfect place for chaos and horror. A slice of Americana turned deadly. I see a family getting trapped in a Disneyland-like theme park and left to survive horrors like cartoon mascots that are really devilish, evil monsters, and an “It’s a Small World”-like ride in which the singing children are real kids who were kidnapped and forced into slave labor. I see it as a horror version of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM.

American Horror Story: Satanic Panic

In the 1980s, America was beset by “Satanic panic.” Parents believed daycares were sacrificing their children in black mass rituals; games like Dungeons & Dragons were indoctrinations into Satanic cults; and heavy metal was the backdrop to all of this. What if AHS imagined that all that was really happening, with an aging Anton LaVey at the center of it all?

American Horror Story: Snuff

Let’s take the seasonal anthology aspect of this show and cut it down to an almost episodic anthology. In this season, the overall theme would be cops hunting down members of a snuff film ring, but each episode would be devoted to the making of one snuff film. I’m sure a topic like this would meet with a lot of pushback and a lot of issues with standards and practices, but it would also allow for some inventive and truly disturbing scenes of gore.

American Horror Story: Space

This one could only be done as a final season, because everyone knows that sending a horror franchise to space is the death knell of said franchise (see: FRIDAY THE 13TH, LEPRECHAUN, HELLRAISER). But wouldn’t it be something to see Ryan Murphy’s take on ALIEN? 


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