April 16, 2016 10:02 am


Director Zachary Lacosse will be releasing his directorial debut in the genre of Horror this coming May – but only with your help.

Soft Touch is a psychological horror film about 19 year old Miller, who is trying so desperately to escape from his sexually abusive relationship with Lilith, a 36 year old woman who may not be from this world. The film explores the idea of letting yourself realize you are in a bad place and taking the steps to change it, even though so many are too afraid to do otherwise.

Lilith appears to Miller in nightmarish visions, haunting his every move. She awaits his arrival home where Miller will have to confront the woman that may have once loved him.

Stark grays, forest greens, sickly yellow Laundromat fluorescent lights and otherworldly red glows separate themselves between day and night. Soft Touch recalls cinematography by DOP’s like William A. Fraker (Rosemary’s Baby, WarGames), or Sean Porter (Green Room, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter).

But the crew needs your help. They have began funding for the film by starting a campaign on IndieGoGo. Every share, like, post, and back counts towards their end goal of $5000. A low budge for a film of such great vision.

The film has been recognized by actors across Vancouver, with over 100 applications for auditions in the last week alone.

If nothing else, the IndieGoGo page is worth a read, as well as the promotional video is worth a watch.

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