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May 2016 – India, Bateshwar. Incredible footage filmed by tourists showing UFO coming out from Vortex Portal in the sky.

Watch the VIDEO HERE!

There have been various claims about UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings from around the world, stirring up debate on the existence of extraterrestrial life. And the latest one that has been doing the rounds on social media is – the reported spotting of a flying saucer in Uttar Pradesh, India. The UFO was sighted in November 2015 and has been filmed from an airplane window.

1951 – For seven minutes, the chief aerial officer at the Delhi Flying Club and some other members claimed they saw a metallic cigar-shaped object – about a hundred feet long, hovering in the sky. It looped around a couple of times, and disappeared at great speed.

1957 – About 800 villagers in Manbhum, which is essentially present-day Purulia district in West Bengal, claimed they saw an object like a flying saucer.

It reportedly stood still for some time about 500 ft above the ground, then the two sides of the object inflated and it soared up into the skies. Sounds like a picture-perfect UFO dream, except for the 800 people ‘witnesses’.

2007 – Eastern Kolkata had its UFO moment this year when a blurry bright object blazed through the skies. It was even captured on camera. A Times of India report described it as below:

“The object, as shown on a TV channel, seemed to alter its shape from a round object to a triangle and then turned into a straight line. It emitted a bright light that formed a circle – almost a halo – and also radiated a range of colours.”

2013 – The Indian Army reported sightings, this time along the Line of Actual Control with China, somewhere in Demchok, Ladakh area. A report was duly sent to Army headquarters.

2014 – Such sightings have often been reported in this region, some even attributed it to Chinese drones though the Chinese naturally denied it. Another pop theory that’s done the rounds is the presence of a secret UFO base somewhere along this-high altitude region – a fact that’s covered by mutual agreement by both India and China!

This one has a slightly more grounded basis. The Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture reportedly discovered ancient cave paintings, almost 10,000 years old, in Bastar. The paintings supposedly depicted alien like figures and UFOs – sketches of little men with antenna, a flying object with three legs et al.

2015 – In a video, a huge UFO was seen flying over the clouds in Gorakhpur, UP. It is said that the viral pictures of UFO were taken by a person identified as Rinku. While locals are terrified with the reported news of sighting, speculations remain whether it is a real UFO or just a made-up one as usual.

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