November 12, 2016 1:15 pm

The House on the Borderland” is an upcoming feature film adaption starring Christopher K. Johnson, Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012), directed by André A. Martin and written by Sabrina Monet Alipate. The independent motion picture is a horror sci-fi thriller based upon the literary works of influential author William Hope Hodgson. The prolific Tom Woodruff Jr. is being tapped to provide creature effects and bring the infamous “Swine-Thing” monsters to life.


A reclusive hunter fortifies himself in his archaic manor to battle malevolent creatures that emerge from an murky pit near his ancient unkempt gardens. He vows to protect his compassionate sister and faithful dog from the hog-faced hell-spawns – but can he protect himself from the evil that has been unleashed by The House on the Borderland…?

Plot Synopsis

In 1877, two friends, Messrs Tonnison and Berreggnog, trek through Ireland fishing the countryside on their holiday until happening upon the phantom village of Kraighten. Within a forbidden mountain, in a mysterious subterranean chasm, they discover a fallen house on the edge of a great lake and in the ancient ruin, a diary of the man who owned the home before its destruction. The writing in the ragged and moldy parchment seems to hint at an ungodly evil that transcends reality.

The manuscript is the chronicling of a reclusive hunter who battles malevolent creatures that emerge from a mysterious cavern near his garden. Fortified in his archaic house that villagers say: “was built by the devil himself,” the adept marksman challenges horrid “Swine-creatures, with glowing eyes and huge talons” protecting his virtuous sister Mary and courageous dog Pepper.

As the monsters emerge from the “bottomless pit” in the primeval ruin, they rip at the very fabric of the brave narrator’s logic and reality. Trapped in the house as it begins to collapse in on itself – the man’s evil abode takes him on a journey through time, space and matter – through lands of “gods and demons” from beyond.

At the edge of existence, he is reunited with “the source of his great pain, his lost soul-mate.” But can he let her memory go and put her soul to rest before the imploding house on the borderland is overrun by beastly, devouring “Swine-things” and swallowed by the deteriorating chasm?

Basic Info

Starring Christopher K. Johnson

Story By William Hope Hodgson

Screenplay By Sabrina Monet Alipate

Produced & Directed By André A. Martin

Studio: Luminous Specks

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller / Fantasy / Supernatural

Martin discovered the novel by William Hope Hodgson at a used book store, or stand, while serving with the United States Navy in the Middle East. After one read of “The House on the Borderland,” it became his favorite novel. The story carried him through many long nights. For almost a decade now, the young filmmaker has been on a passionate crusade to adapt his favorite book to film. After years of dealings with Hollywood executives have fallen through, he has turned to you, the people, the fans, the legends to bring this tale to life.

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