November 26, 2016 6:19 pm

A ghost hunter claims to have caught on camera a ‘peeking spirit’ watching from an abandoned hospital window – before it apparently THREATENED to kill him.

Lee Smart was out with his team investigating the dilapidated Mountain Ash Hospital, near Caerphilly, Wales, which has been standing derelict since its 2007 closure.

While filming the hospital before entering, Mr Smart says he caught a shape of a person that appears to be watching them but visibly withdraw from the window when their camera pans back up to the top floor.

However, instead of being terrified by the footage, the 45-year-old ghost hunter proceeded to go inside to continue his hunt.

Later that night, Mr Smart caught what he says is a voice on a voice recorder on his phone that said: “You watch your back, ha ha ha, cause I’ll… I’ll kill you.”

Mr Smart, who runs Twisted Paranormal, said: “We didn’t see it at the time. Within ten minutes my colleague’s [Tinka Astbury] wife rung him up and said check your phone, there’s something in the window of the hospital.

“So he checked it, we all watched it and you can see the thing in the window.

“Anthony said let’s go in that room and do EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). Straight away we started having ‘get out’.

“My name was called, it wanted to kill me, it wanted me out of the hospital for some reason.

“There was no faking, there was no rubbish. We were doing them live.

“I’ve watched the video over and over and it doesn’t look like there’s a bottom half to it, it just looks like a top.

“Being that close to the hospital you would have seen the shape of a person. I just can’t explain what it is.

“I couldn’t wait to get in there after seeing this in the footage. I couldn’t wait for the night to come to get in there and start filming.

“After we shared our footage online of what we witnessed that day, it went chaotic. Everybody was trying to get into the hospital, because of the video of our night up there, it just went insane.

“There’s a door just outside the gates of the hospital and the lady living there on her own used to be a nurse in the hospital.

“She watches all the live feeds and she couldn’t believe the stuff we were getting.

“She says when she was a nurse there were loads of stories then. Apparently, lots of people had seen a little girl wandering around.”

Anthony Mark, a colleague of Mr Smart’s who was also on scene, said he feels there was something paranormal on the night as they heard growls however he is unsure if the ‘peeking spirit’ was definitely it.

“I have been doing this [paranormal investigating] for 10 years now and it’s one of the most active places I have been. That place is really good for this kind of thing as a lot of death occurred there.”

The hospital closed in 2007 and has had security guards working on the derelict site. Lee said one guards was so scared he had to leave the office inside the disused building and get his boss to give him a caravan to let him sleep in.

Mr Smart said: “A security guard got in touch with me who worked at the hospital when they first closed it.

“He was on the night-shift and he didn’t believe in anything paranormal, ghosts or ‘any of that rubbish’ he said – until he worked there.

“He said the amount of occasions they had to phone the police and have them do a sweep of the hospital because of the noises, girls screaming and stuff like that. But the police would come in and find nothing.”

Mr Smart’s Twisted Paranomal team include Jamie Phillips, Darren Welsh, Mark Purcell, Ian Hayward, Tony Christopher, Karl Morgan and Tinka Astbury, along with Anthony Mark of Afterlight Paranormal.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella