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When it comes to paranormal phenomena and events, there are numerous debates among specialists and regular people. Some believe that there is something beyond the usual reality and which could be discovered more in detail through theoretical and practical studies.

Others think that this is only something that occurs in the life and the mind of people with special abilities. Whatever the case might be, it is interesting to consider the psychology of paranormal belief as seen by specialists and people who have actually lived out of the ordinary experiences.

The power of imagination and paranormal belief

Moreover, a very interesting analogy would be that between paranormal events and the virtual life from online videos, movies and games. The same way some people trust the power of the paranormal world, others envision the reality behind the scenes from online games to be true.  This is of course only a game of creativity and imagination. However, the same way we invent new worlds and experiences in games and movies, there might be something more in space in terms of energy and paranormal activity than we know it exists right now.

In both cases, there is nothing wrong to perceiving the overall reality as more than what we can see and sense at a certain moment. Following the same logical scheme, playing games and creating through our imagination are activities with proven benefits for the human mind.  Therefore, everyone is happy when new player promotions at Wild Jack’s are announced for example. The virtual world behind these games may not be real yet comes with powerful emotions of joy and deep relaxation for those who get involved in such activities. In fact, we all love to play games from time to time and hope to win the jackpot.

The boundaries between virtual worlds and paranormal beliefs

Luck, a basic requirement for winning when playing games is part of the category of phenomena that cannot be explained. However, the term paranormal belief is usually easily used to mark a certain phenomenon which seems impossible to be explained by science. However, this term is much more complex and does not resume to this at all.

Moreover, this is not even the type of concept that could ever be unitary. In the last few years, people have become more and more open to the idea of parallel universes or realities created with the power of the human mind. There is no way in which specialists could come up with a clear definition or real-life representation of the paranormal belief concept.

For some, this might be a simple belief in out of the ordinary psychic abilities. For others, it might include a much wider and distinct variety of beliefs related to new perceptions, precognition as well as psychokinesis.  Finally, paranormal belief is also often associated with superstitious beliefs that may or may not become reality through the direct action of mental intention.

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