March 2, 2021 2:04 pm

Online entertainment has been moving through big changes as some of our favourite forms of entertainment have changed over time – this is especially true particularly as we’re on the go, as we like a little something to keep our mind busy, gaming has certainly been at the top of the list for many as different genres continue to grow in popularity, online betting has certainly been at the top of the list as Texas gambling here for example remains a big favourite – but other options in markets like podcasting have been finding huge success over the past few years with a huge and growing base of active listeners. True crime, mystery, and horror have been topping to charts for these podcasts too, but which are the big ones you should listen to?

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Last Podcast On The Left – With multiple episodes per week, LPOTL is one of the biggest that covers all things horror and thriller from slashers and cults, to serial killer mysteries, and also covering movies from time to time. As perhaps the most well known of the big podcasts in this space, you’re certain to get some great quality content, and with a huge library of past episodes too, plenty to listen back on. If you’re looking for a great quality podcast, this will certainly be one of the best places to start. You’ll also be able to filter through the library to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you have a specific interest in a category like serial killers or are just looking for a bit of everything.

Parcast Network – Another of the big names entering the podcasting space with a huge number of categories can be find in the Parcast Network offerings – all of their content is separated into an individual podcast, so if you’re only looking for horror in particular, you’ll be able to search that out, but you’ll be able to search through all of their other offerings too. Each show typically releases one show per week, but similar to LPOTL, they also have a huge back catalogue that you can go through for plenty of listening and is certainly another one worth checking out with some great quality content.

The New Flesh Horror Movies Podcast – With a pure focus on horror movies, this podcast covers opinions on all of the top current offerings as well as the old classics dating back through time – with one of the hosts insisting on theatre trips and the other being a homebody, each offers a unique insight that can appeal to the type of listener you are, and with one episode per week there’s plenty to listen to just like the others – for a pure horror focus, this may be the one for you.

These are just a few choices in a space that is growing extremely quickly, podcasting is certainly looking to hold a strong future on online entertainment too so you’ll be at no shortage of finding the content, it’s just about where to look!

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